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The 53-minute documentary tells the story of impassioned journeys by two communities of American war veterans, Rolling Thunder®, Inc. and Veterans for Peace.

Like a Greek chorus, our veterans express our collective sorrow. They hold the grief of war for us who will not, and in so doing help us come to grips with its catastrophic impact. Their communal mourning forces us to reflect upon cultural norms regarding grief, memory and memorialization.

The 53-minute documentary tells the story of impassioned journeys by two communities of American war veterans, Rolling Thunder®, Inc. and Veterans for Peace. Despite their differing politics, they each remember their pledge to "leave no fallen soldier behind." They carry this oath from the battlefield to the home front as they advocate for their comrades and raise the nation's awareness of the aftershocks of war. Amid these two interwoven journeys, we hear from former service men and women as they sort out their redemptive passage from grief and rage to outspoken activism.

Rolling Thunder rides their motorcycles into Washington, D.C. every Memorial Day Weekend to pay their respects to those who lost their lives. The sound of their motorcycles is reminiscent of the 1965 North Vietnamese bombing campaign, and by riding their bikes they reclaim that sound for themselves.

Veterans for Peace takes a different approach. Its members utilize the organizational skills they learned in the military to protest the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This social activism allows them to grapple with their past and gives them an opportunity to restore their moral integrity.

This is a film that offers an uncommon entry into the hearts and minds of veterans and the indelible marks their wars have left on their bodies and their psyches. As Bassin herself might say, “Leave No Soldier” makes the viewer more witness than mere bystander.
— Nina K. Thomas, Ph.D., ABPP Chair, Advanced Specialization in Trauma and Disaster Studies Clinical Associate Professor NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Heart-breaking and redemptive.
— Stan Goff, Huffington Post
I am very open to doing whatever it takes to push this film and have it reach the widest possible audience. The message is that important.
— George T. Marshall, Executive Director, Rhode Island International Film Festival

Leave No Soldier is a very personal project for Director Donna Bassin, Ph.D., an artist and clinical psychologist. Bassin, a Psychologist/ Psychoanalyst based in Montclair, NJ and Manhattan, NY, specializes in traumatic loss and unresolved mourning, and consulted with the NYC Mayor’s office following 9/11, helping victims’ families’ process their losses. Ultimately, Bassin’s work led her to focus on the struggle shared by many returning American soldiers, and the painful aftermath of war.